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Saints, Crooks & Slavers

History of a Montpelier house and its people

Peter Cullimore

Peter and Sue Cullimore delved into some untold stories about people who have lived at 60 Fairfield Road over the centuries. This book combines the history with their step-by-step guide on how to investigate where you live.

Available direct from the author for £10 locally: phone 07730 493872 or email Peter

Westmorland House with skull graffiti from Nine Tree Hill

Westmorland House: before demolition started

Disappearing act

The demolition of Westmorland House is complete and you can follow what is happening to the site on the CAG website. This includes the progress of planning applications from PG Group.

Photo above: David Walker

Westmorland House: when it had windows

Now you can hear the stories

Westmoreland House Oral and Visual History Project: this project is now completed and you can read the report and listen to the stories on the CAG website.


All the Montpeliers
This is a website about places called Montpelier, Montpellier or Mount Pelier worldwide. Click here to see it.


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Know your Place

Know your place map

The City Design Group at Bristol City Council has created a website that enables people to explore Montpelier through historic maps, images and linked information.

Know your place website

Books by Mary Wright

Montpelier - A Bristol Suburb

Montpelier - A Bristol Suburb is available via The History Press or Montpelier Conservation Group.

Blue Maids Orphanage

Blue Maids Orphanage is available from the City Museum Bookshop.

It tells the story of the orphanage that once was at the bottom of Ashley Hill.

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